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Creative dance classes are offered at Kids Wonder, where Lils move their bodies with the sheer joy of movement and music. Wiggles and giggles are encouraged! All classes are inclusive as dance and movement helps children develop flexibility, coordination, strength, physical and self-awareness, and body control.

Lil'Movers Details
  • Created for children 3 to 8 years old.
  • Class is 50 minutes, once a week for 4 weeks.
  • Each class is only $40 for 4 sessions. Requires monthly membership for $49/month which incudes unlimited play any day.
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In Case You Are W o n d e ring

Is this a typical dance class?

Nope! Lil’Movers is all about joyous movement. Lils will learn basic movements while enjoying music. Classes might include a parade, colorful scarfs, hula-hoops, rhythm bands, or funny costumes.

What should my child wear?

Lil’ Movers class is designed to be active, so we suggest exercise or stretchy clothes. An occasional tutu never hurt anyone.

Is Lil’Movers an inclusive opportunity?

Absolutely, everyone should dance! Boys and girls and children of all abilities are encouraged to join. Please speak with the Team Member for assistance.

Is there a recital?

Nope, just fun, giggles, and wiggles!

Can I watch the class?

Yes, there are several chairs in the classroom, but you are also welcome to sit in the play center, use Wifi, or even use the adult exercise equipment if available.

Can siblings attend?

Younger siblings, in an infant carrier, or otherwise not actively participating may be present during class. More capable siblings who are still under 8 are welcome to be in the general play area with admission.