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Party Policies and Procedures

A SIGNED ACKNOWLEGEMENT OF THE PARTY POLICIES AND PROCEDURES IS REQUIRED TO HOST A PARTY AT KIDS WONDER ... Failure to sign acknowledgement may result in cancellation of the party reservation and loss of deposit.

Thank you for booking your party at Kids Wonder.  You will receive additional information in your party confirmation email and a Kids Wonder party planner will call you the week prior to the party to discuss pizza choices, the guest list, goodie bag options, and answer any further questions you have. Please note, for "Great Saver" parties, due to the short timeframe and limited options, a Kids Wonder party planner will not call you to confirm party details.

In conjunction with my party booking I acknowledge that am fully aware, understand, and agree to these terms:

  • DIGITAL INVITATIONS: Please follow the links on your party confirmation email, delivered immediately following your order, for digital invitations.
  • PARTY TIMELINE: The party reservation includes date and time for 1 hour of time at designated party tables (75 minutes for a private party), included in your total of 2 hours in the play center.
    • 10 minutes prior to party start time: Party family arrives for final preparations and to prepare to meet guests. Other parties are in progress so please do not arrive sooner than the allotted 10 minutes.
    • Party start time: Greet guests. Remind guests to arrive at the scheduled party time and wear socks. Party time will not be extended for late arrivals.
    • 30 minutes into party: Guests gather to first sing birthday wishes then have cupcakes/donuts and pizza. This order is necessary to maximize the celebration as kids often rush back to the play floor.  To maintain the flow of parties this time must be adhered to.
    • 60 minutes into party: At the end of the 60 minute reserved table time (75 minutes for a private party or 45 minutes for a Great party) the party area must be clear and the Party Host will begin cleaning up the area. The party and cafe area must be vacated and all food put away at this time. However, you and your guests may continue to play until the end of the 2 hour party time slot.
    • 2 hours into party: Your playtime is over at the end of your two-hour party time slot. You will close out party tab with your Party Host. Tipping is appreciated and shared amongst all workers as everyone works hard to provide a wonderful experience for your Lil’s friends and family. Go home and rest, knowing your Lil had a great party.
  • KIDS: Parties include admission for up to 8, 16, or 24 kids and 20, 40, or 60 people depending on party booked, including the guest of honor and their family.
    • Additional children are $20 each and additional adults beyond the person limit are $5 each.
    • Since you reserved the party time, and we held the space for you instead of letting someone else book it, we can not offer refunds or discounts for low attendance.
    • If the play center is busy we may not be able to accommodate more than the allocated person limit. If you expect to exceed the allocated number of people, please provide an accurate count to the party planner on the pre-party call the week before the party.
    • Kids Wonder was carefully designed for children 0-6 years old. Older children can attend but will have play restrictions on inflatables to ensure safety of our littlest guests.
  • SUPERVISION: Guests must check in upon arrival and sign the play waiver.
    • All children must be supervised by THEIR parent or guardian. We suggest you note this on the party invitation.
    • Guests may not be dropped off at the facility without their parent.
  • ATTIRE: Kids Wonder is a sock only facility.
    • Please remind your guests to wear their socks. Socks are available to purchase for $2-$3.50 and shoe covers are available for $1 for adults who are unable to take off their shoes.
    • Because we don't know what kind of medication, weapons, or other dangerous items might be in a bag, that a child could get into, for safety reasons we ask customers to leave their purses, bags, or diaper bags either in the cubbies or keep them on them at all times. Bags can not be left at the party tables unattended.
  • GIFTS: For safety, gifts are collected at the front desk.
    • To prevent choking hazards or other items that could be hazardous to small children, the mats, or the inflatables, gifts are not opened in the play center.
    • You will retrieve gifts on a cart at the end of the party to load into your car. We encourage an adult to bring car to entrance and use cart to load gifts and remaining party supplies.
  • GOODIE BAGS: We offer great options for goodie bags. Speak to the Party Planner during your pre-party call to discuss.
    • You are welcome to bring your own goodie bags if you desire, we gladly add a $2 off coupon for play for each of your friends.
    • For safety, no goodie bags with sharp or pointy objects, noise makers, latex balloons, or strings.
    • To prevent toys and treats from getting onto the play floor, goodie bags are kept at the front desk and are handed out as guests are leaving.
  • CUPCAKES/CAKE: All party packages include colorful frosted cupcakes or donuts and small water bottles.
    • You may bring in a cake, however there will be a $15 cutting fee added to your party.
    • We have candles and a lighter to celebrate.  If you wish not to sing please let us know. 
    • Knives for cutting are not allowed. If cutting is necessary our Team Members are prepared to assist.
    • An allergy free dessert item may be brought in if needed. 
  • FOOD: For Super and Awesome parties, multiple large 1 topping pizzas are included. Pizza upgrades and additional sandwich, fruit, or vegetable snack trays are available for purchase.
    • Food may not be brought in when purchasing a party package during open play hours. For private parties you may bring in additional food and non-alcoholic drinks. Please review with party planner your items on the call the week before the party.
    • Credit will not be given for unwanted party items.
    • NO-NO List – No glass, nothing breakable, no alcohol or controlled substances, no two-liter soda bottles served in cups, no ice, no cooking or heating appliances, no knives, no pizza cutters, and no skewers/toothpicks.
    • All coolers and outside food are subject to manager’s inspection and approval.
  • DECORATIONS: We provide festive primary color tablecloths, paper plates and napkins. If you would like to decorate with your own theme or provide additional decorations please discuss with Party Planner during Pre-Party call, and bring your supplies in the day before your party so we know to set up the tables with your supplies.
    • There is no charge for bringing your own themed table cloths, paper goods, and a small balloon bouquet.
    • An additional fee of $20 will be assessed for additional decorations you provide which may include, but not limited to, table decorations, picture montages, pre-inflated balloon arches, banners, and cupcake toppers. Decorations must be pre-assembled. 
    • Mylar balloons can be brought in but, for safety, must remain at party tables.
    • We do have hooks and ribbon to hang small banners and signs on the purple wall, but decorations may not be attached or taped to walls.
    • If you bring cupcake decorations with toothpicks, we will remove the typical toothpick, as toothpicks or sharp objects on the play floor can be dangerous to Lils and our inflatables.
    • Guest gifts/party favors may not be used as table decorations. 
    • No confetti, silly string, horn blowers, glitter or piñatas please. 
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Clowns, magicians, jugglers and characters are welcomed.
    • If performance is during Open Play hours, other children may be present. We will not restrict other children from the joy of seeing a character or performance. If this is not your wish, please plan a Private Party Package.
    • Outside performance vendors must contact us before party date to review any restrictions. Please inform us during Pre-Party call.
    • Entertainment must align with the party timeline and entertainer should arrive 30 minutes into the party and stay for no longer than 1 hour.  
    • For cleanliness and safety, face painters and balloon artist are not allowed. Animal shows allowed with restrictions. 
    • For licensing reasons, we are unable to change the music playing in the play center.
  • WEATHER: While Colorado weather can be unpredictable, Kids Wonder is open during snow, rain, or heat. Our lots are plowed and our space is fully heated and air conditioned. So, unless visibility is greatly reduced and driving not recommended by CDOT due to blizzard conditions at the scheduled time of the party, parties and events can not be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather.

Please check the following boxes and sign below to agree to these terms:

We are confident that your child will have a wonderful time with you and their friends. Please review the additional information provided with your reservation confirmation email or the FAQs on the Party page of our Website. If you have any additional questions or concerns you can review them with the Kids Wonder party planner on the call the week before the party, or give us a call at #303-835-0709.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your special occasion!

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