Party terms are subject to change based on health department occupancy restrictions

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Before the party

  • Pick Something New!
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  • Digital Invitation
  • Help with Setup
  • We Will Provide Food and Drinks

At the

  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes at Party Tables
  • 18' Decorated Party Tables
  • Colored Paper Goods
  • Shared Party Host
  • We Will Clean Up

After the Party

  • Goodie Gift (Option)
  • Coupon for Free Visit
  • Tired and Thankful Kids
  • Wonderful Memories

Customer Reviews

Amazing! The birthday rental with all the bells and whistles is worth it 100x over! Don't hesitate, visit and get the birthday package!
John “Nate” Stoll
John “Nate” Stoll
23:32 02 Apr 21
Took our son here for some fun on his 2nd birthday, and he had so much fun he didn’t want to leave! We had never been before but we’d impressed by all they had to do for kids his age! He really enjoyed the bounce house and the fire fighter play area. He even grabbed a few animals from the vet area to rescue. I was so happy to find someplace that was age appropriate for him that he could really enjoy for hours instead of minutes. We will definitely be coming back soon.
Mallory Howard
Mallory Howard
22:54 01 Apr 21
Kandace you are a dream! We threw our 2YO a mini family only birthday party. They accommodated us by staying open late so that we could have a private...
Kimberly A.
Kimberly A.
16:12 11 Jan 21
The staff are all so amazing -wonderful with children and upbeat no matter what. We love the variety of play areas that appeal to kids of a range of ages. And it's clean! We had my 3 year olds Birthday party here and it was great! All the kids loved it!
Megan Finesilver
Megan Finesilver
00:23 17 Feb 20
They have people running around cleaning up after the kids. Spill? Instantly cleaned. Beer? Instantly served. You might even get free pizza from one of the birthday parties.
Jeremie Dexter
Jeremie Dexter
19:27 25 Jan 20
We celebrated our son’s 4th birthday and we had a fabulous party...this place is awesome..
Vinita Madakasira
Vinita Madakasira
02:49 19 Jan 20
We absolutely love playing at Kids Wonder! They even hosted a great party for my son’s 5th birthday. The staff is incredibly friendly and it is very clean inside. We always have an amazing time playing and using our imagination at Kids Wonder!
Tina Haws
Tina Haws
22:34 12 Dec 19
Came here for a birthday party. The location is hidden in the back of all the store fronts so it can be hard to locate. All children and adults are required...
Dee C.
Dee C.
12:17 07 Sep 19
Had my daughter's 5th Birthday in June here and it was amazing! We had 14 kids age 1-8 and everyone had fun. the parents all thought it was brand new because it was so clean and nice in there. The kids didn't want to leave. The parents loved it. They arranged the piazzas which was nice. Only thing I didn't realize is that parents had to wear socks too. One thing they need is a pretty photo wall for group photos. we'll for sure be coming back to visit!!
Kat Dark
Kat Dark
01:02 18 Jun 19
We celebrated my son's 3rd birthday here and it was great experience. Not overly crowded, and he got to play with grandparents without climbing up on a playset. Highly recommend! fun for adults and kids. It's a comfortable environment to watch the kids play. Imagination play to bounce houses.
Erica Catlett
Erica Catlett
23:08 16 Jun 19


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • Big 18' Tables
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • Water and Juice for Kids
  • Up to 15 bodies
    including birthday child and family

  • Book a Great Party
  • - Open Play, $199, 1.5 hours of fun


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • Big 18' Tables
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • Water and Juice for Kids
  • 4 Hot and Yummy Pizzas
  • Up to 30 bodies
    including birthday child and family

  • Book a Super Party
  • - Open Play, $429, 1.5 hours of fun
  • - Private, $569, 2 hours of fun


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • 13,000 Square Foot Private Play
  • A full 2 hours of play
  • Dedicated Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • Big 18' Tables
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • Water and Juice for Party Kids
  • 8 Hot and Yummy Pizzas
  • Fresh Green Salad to Share
  • 24 Melissa & Doug Goodie Gifts
  • Up to 60 bodies
    including birthday child and family

  • Book your Private Awesome Party
  • - Private, $849, 2 hours of fun

In Case You Are W o n d e ring

How early can I reserve a birthday party?

Kids Wonder takes reservations up to 3 months in advance.

What is the reservation process?

Submit a reservation request including your contact information, date and time requests by following the Great, Super, or Awesome party reservation links above. 50% Deposit Due at Reservation, applied to account. When you reserve your party, we hold this date and time specifically for you, so the party deposit is not refundable but we will guarantee the value of your deposit and work with you to accommodate schedule changes in the event of an emergency or closure, or offer play center credit.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my party?

While Colorado weather can be unpredictable, Kids Wonder is open during snow, rain, or heat. Our lots are plowed and our space is fully heated and air conditioned. So, unless visibility is greatly reduced and driving not recommended by CDOT due to blizzard conditions at the scheduled time of the party, parties and events can not be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather.

What is a typical party like?

Kids Wonder is open 7 days a week for open play. Booking a party allows for entrance for you and your guests (Up to 15, 30, or 60 bodies. Additional guests can be accomodated based on occupancy space available for $10 per person) and private party tables for 1 hour 30 minutes. The tables are in a special party area. Due to occupancy restrictions, you and your guests should arrive at your scheduled party time. No outside food or beverages may be brought into the play center. Your guests can play during the first 45 minutes. Then you will have guests join your guest of honor at the party tables for the celebration. The Kids Wonder staff will promptly clear the tables at the end of your scheduled time, in preparation for subsequent parties. Due to occupancy restrictions, the party area must be clear at the end of the 1 hour and 30 minute time slot. Please give us a call at the play center at (303)835-0709 if you have any questions prior to the party.

Can I reserve a private party?

Yes, we do offer fully private parties where you and your guests have the entire play center to yourselves to play and party. These are available at 5 pm every day and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please see the party reservation page for rates, available dates, and times. A private party includes admission for up to 30 or 60 bodies depending on the party package booked.

How many children can attend the party?

Parties include admission for up to 15, 30, or 60 bodies depending on the party package booked, including the guest of honor and their family. Additional guests can only be accomodated if there is occupancy available for $10 per body. Party guests must sign a waiver for admission and an adult must provide supervision and care.

What age of children may come to the party?

Kids Wonder was developed for kids 0-8. To protect the safety of our Lils’, older children, teenagers, and adults are not allowed to play on the inflatables.

Can I get a refund or discount if not many kids show up to the party?

Unfortunately no. Since you reserved the party time and we held the occupancy space for you instead of letting someone else book it, we can not offer refunds or discounts for low attendance. We are confident that even if a lot of kids don't come, your child will still be happy to spend the time with you and the friends that do attend the party.

Do adults attending the party need special arrangements?

Adults without children will need to know the name of the celebrating kid or the name of the event for admittance.
Adults without children are encouraged to stay with their party.

What is provided by Kids Wonder for a celebration?

Disposable table cloths for 6’ picnic tables.
Colorful napkin and small plate provided for each child.
Water and juice.
Shared party host.
Party set up and cleaning assistance.
Use of wagon for gift collection.
Colorful cupcakes.
Lil' to go snack.

Can I have food brought in for the party?

Unfortunately with current health department restrictions, no outside food or beverages may be brought into Kids Wonder. If the situation changes we will notify you accordingly.

Can I hire a Party Entertainer?

Characters, musicians, caricaturist, jugglers, magicians and/or clowns are welcomed with prior agreement from the Kids Wonder manager. If your party is held during open play hours, you should expect other children to be interested in the entertainment and participate, and it is impossible for us to limit their interest. Restrictions may be made on their shoes, props, and other attire to protect the floor mats. Face painters and balloon artists are not allowed for safety and cleanliness reasons. If you have additional questions, please speak with a manager.

What can I NOT bring for the party?

  • Knives for cutting are not allowed. If cutting is necessary our Team Members are prepared to assist.
  • Guests may not bring in alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
  • No cooking of any kind will be permitted.
  • Please do not bring confetti, silly string, pinatas, glitter, or horn blowers.
  • To avoid allergies and choking hazards, no helium latex balloons please.
  • Decorations you bring for the party may not be attached to walls.
  • What can I expect from the Party Host?

    Team Members working in the party area support multiple parties at a time.
    They will provide a clean table and floor, set with disposable tablecloths, colorful napkins, and small plates.
    During the event they will assist with trash removal.
    At the end of the party your host will present you with the final bill. Gratuity is not included but tips are greatly appreciated and will be shared among the on duty Team Members, as each of them works hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.

    Am I expected to tip our party host?

    A gratuity is not required but tips are greatly appreciated and are distributed among the on duty Team Members, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.

    What happens at the end of the party?

    15 minutes before the end of the reserved table time, the Party Host will begin cleaning up the area and present the Host Family a final bill for payment. Any tips are greatly appreciated and shared amongst all on duty Team Members, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.
    The Party Host will encourage guests to leave the table area at the end of the reservation time slot. Kids Wonder appreciates your support in this, so we can prepare for the next party.
    Please ask a Team Member for a wagon to help transport gifts to your car.

    Can Kids Wonder provide goodie bags?

    Yes, goodie bags are available but must be prearranged! Many guests select from our smaller items in the gift shop and some designate a dollar amount gift card and allow the children to purchase food or gifts to their liking. Please discuss with your Party Coordinator.

    Can I bring in balloons or other decorations?

    Due to concerns related to latex allergies, latex balloons are not allowed. If you would like to bring mylar balloons they must be attached to the table or kept behind the desk and are not allowed in the play area.
    Kids Wonder is very festively decorated. If you desire additional decorations please speak to your Party Coordinator prior to the event. Decorations you provide may not be attached to the walls.

    Can we sing?

    Families are welcome to sing wishes of birthday joy, but for legal(Copyright) sake, it can not be lead by Team Members.