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Customer Reviews

I hosted my 4 year olds birthday party here. The experience from booking to the day off the party was easy, stress free and fun! As a parent its often exhausting getting all the details together for a special day all while trying to be present. The decorations were perfect, the schedule and food were timed just right. The owners and staff even helped to get all friends and family together for the birthday song (this can take so long to get everyone there). I was able to get the perfect pictures not having to manage any aspect of the event. The party package fit our needs and even with the minor adjustments needed, the staff was beyond flexible and accommodating. I was even able to run around and join the fun. I cannot thank the owners and staff enough for making our little ones day special for everyone. (Ps: pizza was so good)
Such a cool spot to bring your kids, have a play date or host a bday party. Be aware, it is pretty busy early morning on weekends. It was no issue for us to...
Niah L.
Niah L.
We hosted a birthday party here (having not visited before) and had a great experience. The facility was large and clean, and staff were helpful and kind. I wanted a party where we could just show up and everything would be taken care of, and that is exactly what we got. No stress! They even considered small details, like having a candle for the cupcakes, having the pizza cut into smaller pieces given the age of the kiddos, etc.To answer for others some of the questions I had when trying to decide on a party venue:- The age range of our group was two to four years old and this was perfect for them. Would also be fun for younger or older kids, but I think our age group was the sweet spot for the 'main' part of the facility. There was another room just for bigger kids with larger inflatables, but our guests were all too little so I can't speak to that part.- Pricing was transparent. No hidden fees or surprises. Very fair.- Food was great (ordered in pizza, not gross cheap microwaved stuff etc) and we were given choices on toppings - that piece was not clear at booking so I was glad we ended up being able to choose.- It was NOT crowded - even on a weekend in what I assume were peak hours. I was worried there would be a ton of consecutive parties and it would be chaos, but that was not an issue at all for us.Definitely recommended- would not be surprised if many of the kids we invited end up having their own parties there this year.
Rena M
Rena M
We resolved the sick and sensory issues and are back daily at Kids wonder! We even threw a party!!!!!
Aubrie M.
Aubrie M.
This place is great!! I brought my 9 month old to see if we would potentially use this place for his birthday party. There's not a whole lot of places in...
Ashley B.
Ashley B.
We love Kids Wonder! My son loves crawling around and looking at all of the different play areas. It’s a good place to keep your kids entertained or have a party.
Caitlin Weindel
Caitlin Weindel
Kids Wonder is such a great place for kids not only for play but also for their development. I always went for birthday parties and bringing my daughter in with the family is where I got to see more.
Zahra Naqvi
Zahra Naqvi
Took my 18 month old here today for the first time and can’t recommend this place enough! He was amazed at all of the different learning/play areas and had a blast on the slides. Can’t wait to host a party here and also go on a weekend and enjoy a mimosa!!
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson
Great sport for birthdays or a child to come spend an hour. Our son had a blast! Mimosas we're a great bonus!
Marcellus W.
Marcellus W.
My toddler girl loves this place! When she was 19 months, we visited at Kidswonder and we decided to go there twice a month. It is 35min drive from my home. Its far but my daughter loves Kidswonder. Her fav toys are Nursing pets and Wonder market. I am thinking about celebrate her birthday in this December at Kidswonder! I hope it will be fun!! Also, team workers are really polite. We love Kidswonder ❤️
Kandace you are a dream! We threw our 2YO a mini family only birthday party. They accommodated us by staying open late so that we could have a private...
Kimberly A.
Kimberly A.
Came here for a birthday party. The location is hidden in the back of all the store fronts so it can be hard to locate. All children and adults are required...
Dee C.
Dee C.


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • One Decorated 18' Table
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes or Donuts
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • 20 Small Waters
  • 2 hours in play center with 1 hour
    at party tables
  • No Outside Food or Drinks
  • Up to 8 Kids, 20 people total
    including birthday child and family
Book a Great Party Now
  • - Open Play, $229


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • Two Decorated 18' Tables
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes or Donuts
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • 40 Small Waters
  • 4 Hot and Yummy Pizzas
  • 2 hours in play center with 1 hour
    at party tables
  • Option to Bring Your Own Food*
  • Up to 16 Kids, 40 people total
    including birthday child and family
Book a Super Party Now
  • - Open Play, $489
  • - Private, $689
Book a Small Super Party
  • - Open Play, $329, 8 kids
    20 people, 2 pizzas, 20 waters


  • Special Day and Time for Your Lil
  • 13,000 Square Foot Private Play
  • Dedicated Team Member Assistance
  • Pre-Party Call
  • Invitation Template
  • Four Decorated 18' Tables
  • Festive Table Cloths
  • Frosted Cupcakes or Donuts
  • Colorful Plates, Napkins
  • 60 Small Waters
  • 8 Hot and Yummy Pizzas
  • Fresh Green Salad to Share
  • 75 minutes at tables
  • 2 hours in play center
  • Option to Bring Your Own Food*
  • 24 Melissa & Doug Goodie Gifts
  • Up to 24 Kids, 60 people total
    including birthday child and family
Book a Private Awesome Party Now
  • - Private, $949

* Credit is not given for unwanted food or drink items. Snacks may only be brought in for private parties. See FAQ below.

In Case You Are W o n d e ring

How early can I reserve a birthday party?

Kids Wonder takes reservations up to 3 months in advance.

What is the reservation process?

Submit a reservation request including your contact information, date and time requests by following the Great, Super, or Awesome party reservation links above. 50% Deposit Due at Reservation, applied to account. When you reserve your party, we hold this date and time specifically for you, we staff accordingly, and order food and supplies, so the party deposit is not refundable. Cancellation or schedule changes less than 7 days in advance will result in the forfeiture of deposit.

What if the weather is bad on the day of my party?

While Colorado weather can be unpredictable, Kids Wonder is open during snow, rain, or heat. Our lots are plowed and our space is fully heated and air conditioned. So, unless visibility is greatly reduced and driving is not recommended by CDOT due to blizzard conditions at the scheduled time of the party, parties and events can not be cancelled or rescheduled due to weather.

What is a typical party like?

PARTY TIMELINE: The party reservation includes date and time for 1 hour of time at designated party tables (75 minutes for a private party), included in your total of 2 hours in the play center.

  • 10 minutes prior to party start time: Party family arrives for final preparations and to prepare to meet guests. Other parties are in progress so please do not arrive sooner than the allotted 10 minutes.
  • Party start time: Greet guests. Remind guests to arrive at the scheduled party time and wear socks. Party time will not be extended for late arrivals.
  • 30 minutes into party: Guests gather to first sing birthday wishes then have cupcakes/donuts and pizza. This order is necessary to maximize the celebration as kids often rush back to the play floor.  To maintain the flow of parties this time must be adhered to.
  • 60 minutes into party: At the end of the 60 minute reserved table time the party area must be clear and the Party Host will begin cleaning up the area. The party and cafe area must be vacated and all food put away at this time. However, you and your guests may continue to play until the end of the 2 hour party time slot.
  • 2 hours into party: Your playtime is over at the end of your two-hour party time slot. You will close out party tab with your Party Host. Tipping is appreciated and shared amongst all workers as everyone works hard to provide a wonderful experience for your Lil’s friends and family. Go home and rest, knowing your Lil had a great party.
Can I reserve a private party?

Yes, we do offer fully private parties where you and your guests have the entire play center to yourselves to play and party. These are available at 5 pm every day and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please see the party reservation page for rates, available dates, and times. A private party includes admission for up to 40 or 60 bodies depending on the party package booked. Larger parties and additional play time may be available.

How many children can attend the party?

Parties include admission for up to 8, 16, or 24 kids depending on the party package booked, including the guest of honor and their family. Additional children are $20 each. Party guests must sign a waiver for admission and an adult must provide supervision and care.

What age of children may come to the party?

Kids Wonder was developed for kids 0-6. To protect the safety of our Lils’, older children may be restricted when playing on the inflatables. Teenagers and adults are not allowed on the inflatables.

Can I get a refund or discount if not many kids show up to the party?

Unfortunately no. Since you reserved the party time and we held the space for you instead of letting someone else book it, we ordered food and supplies, and staffed accordingly, we can not offer refunds or discounts for low attendance. We are confident that even if not many kids come, your child will still be happy to spend the time with you and the friends that do attend the party.

Do adults attending the party need special arrangements?

Adults without children will need to know the name of the celebrating kid or the name of the event for admittance.
Adults without children are encouraged to stay with their party.

What is provided by Kids Wonder for a celebration?

Disposable table cloths for 18’ party tables, depending on party selected.
Colorful napkin and small plate provided for each child.
Colorful cupcakes or donuts.
8 oz. Waters.
Shared party host.
Party set up and cleaning assistance.
Use of wagon for gift collection.
Lots of fun!

Can I bring in additional decorations?

We provide festive primary color tablecloths, paper plates and napkins. If you would like to decorate with your own theme or provide additional decorations please discuss with Party Planner during Pre-Party call, and bring your supplies in the day before your party so we know to set up the tables with your supplies.

  • There is no charge for bringing your own themed table cloths, paper goods, and a small balloon bouquet.
  • An additional fee of $20 will be assessed for additional decorations you provide which may include, but not limited to, table decorations, picture montages, pre-inflated balloon arches, banners, and cupcake toppers. Decorations must be pre-assembled. 
  • Mylar balloons can be brought in but, for safety, must remain at party tables.
  • We do have hooks and ribbon to hang small banners and signs on the purple wall, but decorations may not be attached or taped to walls.
  • If you bring cupcake decorations with toothpicks, we will remove the typical toothpick, as toothpicks or sharp objects on the play floor can be dangerous to Lils and our inflatables.
  • Guest gifts/party favors may not be used as table decorations. 
  • No confetti, silly string, horn blowers, glitter or piñatas please. 
Can I have food brought in for the party?

Food may not be brought in when purchasing a party package during open play hours. For Private Super and Awesome party packages Cupcakes, Drinks, and Pizza are included however, you may bring in or purchase additional food and non-alcoholic drinks. Credit will not be given for unwanted party items.

Can I bring in a cake?

Kids Wonder provides cupcakes for all parties. A candle can only be blown out on the cupcake the birthday child eats. You may bring in a cake, however there will be a $15 cutting fee added to your party.

Can we sing?

Families are welcome to sing wishes of birthday joy, but for legal(Copyright) sake, it can not be lead by Team Members. If you wish to not sing please notify your party host.

Can we open gifts?

To prevent choking hazards or other items that could be hazardous to small children, the mats, or the inflatables, gifts are not opened in the play center. You will retrieve gifts on a cart at the end of the party to load into your car. We encourage an adult to bring car to entrance and use cart to load gifts and remaining party supplies.

Can Kids Wonder provide goodie bags?

Yes, goodie bags are available but must be prearranged! We offer quality Melissa and Doug goodie gift options as well as typical gift bags. Each include return gift coupon for guests. Please discuss with your Party Coordinator. You are welcome to bring your own goodie bags if you desire, we gladly add a $2 off coupon for play for each of your friends. For safety, no goodie bags with sharp or pointy objects, noise makers, latex balloons, or strings. To prevent toys and treats from getting onto the play floor, goodie bags are kept at the front desk and are handed out as guests are leaving.

What can I NOT bring for the party?

  • Knives for cutting are not allowed. If cutting is necessary our Team Members are prepared to assist.
  • Guests may not bring in alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
  • No cooking of any kind will be permitted.
  • Please do not bring confetti, silly string, pinatas, glitter, or horn blowers.
  • To avoid allergies and choking hazards, no latex balloons please.
  • Decorations you bring for the party may not be attached to walls with the exception to small hooks provided on the purple wall.
  • Can I hire a Party Entertainer?

    Characters, musicians, caricaturists, jugglers, magicians and/or clowns are welcomed with prior agreement from the Kids Wonder manager. If your party is held during open play hours, you should expect other children to be interested in the entertainment and participate, and it is impossible for us to limit their interest. Restrictions may be made on their shoes, props, and other attire to protect the floor mats. Face painters and balloon artists are not allowed for safety and cleanliness reasons. If you have additional questions, please speak with a manager.

    What can I expect from the Party Host?

    Team Members working in the party area support multiple parties at a time.
    They will provide a clean table and floor, set with disposable tablecloths, colorful napkins, and small plates. Food is provided buffet style, the hosts do not serve food.
    During the event, they will assist with trash removal.
    At the end of the party, your host will present you with the final bill. Gratuity is not included and tips are greatly appreciated and will be shared among the on duty Team Members, as each of them works hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.

    Am I expected to tip our party host?

    Tips are greatly appreciated and are distributed amongst the Team Members, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.

    What happens at the end of the party?

    At the end of the 60 minute table time the Party Host will ask guests to leave the table area, clean up the area, and present the Host Family a final bill for payment. Any tips are greatly appreciated and shared amongst all Team Members, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.
    Kids Wonder appreciates your support in maintinaing the schedule, so we can prepare for the next party.