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Kids Wonder is Open for Play Every Day!

Online reservations are NOW OPTIONAL for play visits. Drop-ins welcome.

As always, remember your socks...but now also remember your face covering (due to our young population of unvaccinated kiddos, masks are still recommended).

Toddler Area

The toddler area is a safe and developmentally appropriate space that includes soft play climbing, small climbers with slides, two small play houses, and even a tiny bounce house.


The Lil’Town is popular with all kids as soon as they learn to walk. It provides pretend play that encourages imagination, social skills, communication, conflict resolution and exploration. Lil'Town is made up of a Home, a School, a Grocery Store, a Cafe, a Construction Zone, a Fire Station, a Vet/Pet Adoption, and a Theater. Park benches, flower pots, and mailboxes line endless opportunities to shop for dinner, put out a fire, take care of your sick pet, and take in a puppet show.

Whole Body Play

Whole Body Play is a large room which allows for full movement of a child’s body and imagination. Large inflatables encourage physical development, stress reduction, balance and coordination. Not to forget social cooperation, fairness and conflict resolution. Like found in larger children's museums, Kids Wonder is excited to share Whole Brain Blocks. These blocks create opportunity for dramatic, constructive, and gross motor play. Unlike toys, which often are limited in the number of ways you can play with them, blocks are open-ended. They empower children to use their imagination to build their own world, rather than inhabit one we create for them.

Snack Bar

Our Snack Bar is full of a wide variety of healthy and tasty options. Careful consideration was used to find fresh treats you'd recognize. Bigs and Lils can select from a light snack or treat to a healthy breakfast or lunch option. Selections will change seasonally, but in general Kids Wonder will have coffee, juices, sodas, tea, yogurts, cheese sticks, snack-packs, and a wide variety of snacks, crackers, energy/nut bars, chips and treats. Kids Wonder is not an allergen free environment.

Toy Shop

Our Toy Shop has been intentionally stocked with the finest selection of high quality, engaging and creative toys sure to entertain, and educate. A wide selection allows for special purchases, gifts, goodie bags and little treats.

Adult Comfort

Adults are responsible for supervising their children in the various activity areas. However, your child will benefit from unstructured play, so please encourage them to meet and play with new friends and give yourself a break! Adults can relax with nutritious and tasty snacks, a beer, or glass of wine in the cafe, or take advantage of the free WiFi to catch up on social media or get work done. The main entrance has a tall gate restricting child usage and all other exits are emergency alarmed.

In Case You Are W o n d e ring

Is there a toddler area?

Yes, our littlest one’s have a huge area of their very own to play. It contains a small jump house dedicated to 3-4 year olds, a climber, smaller slide, playhouse, area with lots of blocks, balls and soft things to climb and explore.

I noticed there is an activity room in the back, what is that for?

Fun! Our Big & Lil Play classes are held in the activity room. Please see the Learn tab or ask a Team Member at the front desk.

Is the activity room available to rent/use?

You bet! We do offer fun activity classes for birthday parties, and as a space to our non-profit partner YANA (You Are Not Alone), which provides emotional support for parents. We are open to sharing the space for meet-ups or other events. Please ask a Team Member at the front desk.

What does the Lil’Town consist of?

Lil’Town has 8 buildings: we start at the most important place, a loving home, next the Great Wonder School where learning is always fun, followed by a Wonder Market for Lils to shop for needed groceries, and a home under construction (because aren’t we all). On the other side of town is Lil’Eats where Lils can pretend to order and make a snack, Lil’Town Fire Station #36 where Lils can drive a fire truck and put out pretend fires, next door is the Pet/Vet where Lils can help an injured furry friend, or adopt a pet that might need a home. Lastly, is the Lil’Theater, where Lil’s can purchase tickets, take in an impromptu puppet show, or use the stage to show off their special talent. Lil’Town has park benches, flower pots, mailboxes and new friends to chat and play with as they go about their day.

What is the Whole Body Playroom?

In the back of the center is a room designated for Lils to use their whole body and brain. Two large inflatables allow for jumping, climbing, and laughing. Physical play is not only great for a Lils’ health, but it encourages communication, confidence, motor skills and problem solving.
Kids Wonder is very excited to offer Whole Brain Blocks, huge soft/firm blocks that allow for all kinds of creations. By building towers, ramps, forts and masterpieces, Lils can use their limitless imagination. This open play encourages resiliency, conflict resolution, concentration and cross-age collaboration and connections.

How was the play equipment selected?

Kids Wonder is dedicated to finding the safest equipment for our Lils. Over two years were spent researching, collecting, building, and even dreaming about what to offer our Lils. Our inflatables were made in the USA just for us. They exceed material and safety regulations. Our Brain Blocks are often found in children’s museums in large cities, but we’re the only facility that has them in Colorado!

How is the play equipment cleaned?

Great question, thanks for asking. Cleanliness is of upmost importance to Kids Wonder. First we ask our families to come and play when everyone is healthy and well. As a sock only facility we reduce environmental pollutants and dirt. We also offer hygiene stations throughout the center, with tissues, trashcans, and hand sanitizers. Please take advantage of the Yuck Boxes by placing toys in them that have been slobered on, or are broken.
Our equipment and toys are wiped down multiple times throughout the day using professional strength Lysol. This is certified by the NSF, kills 99.9% of bacteria and is safe around children. Inflatables are fogged several times a week using Hypochlorous Acid which is known to kill COVID-19. Team members conduct 70 health and cleaning procedures three times a day. Thank you for your concern.