Lil'Learners - Kids Wonder


Kids Wonder believes children learn best when they are emotionally and physically secure, which is why supportive caregivers are children’s first and most important teachers. With that in mind, Kids Wonder has carefully created developmentally-appropriate academic opportunities to engage early learners and pre-kindergarten readiness. With guided lessons, Bigs help Lils learn about the Alphabet, Sounds, Numbers, Math & Patterns, Colors & Shapes, and Social & Emotional Skills.

Big and Lil'Learners join us at our party tables to learn at their own pace. Engaging, hands-on activities that are certain to enjoy and educate.

Lil'Learners Details

  • Free with Admission every day.
  • Big's guide Lil’s through a variety of lessons.
  • Everything is prepared and organized to maximize Big and Lil’s time together.
  • Lil’s work at their own pace.

In Case You Are W o n d e ring

How were the lessons created?

Together with Early Learning Specialists, Kids Wonder has created engaging, hands-on lessons. Lil'Learners is a positive experience that prepares children for (Pre) Kindergarten and re-enforces early learning concepts.

What are my parental responsibilities during the Lil’Learners session?

Bigs are their Lils first and most important teachers, with support from Kids Wonder, Bigs can help their Lils gain school-readiness. The lessons are very parent-friendly, well-organized, and set both Bigs and Lils up for success at their own pace.

How many lessons are there?

Over 60 lessons have been created for Lil Learners.

What if my child already knows their colors, etc?

Lessons were created to allow for content choice. Bigs can choose lessons that will challenge their Lils, or review and solidify skills.

What if my child is struggling with learning concepts?

The Lil’Learners class was created to go at a pace comfortable for all early learners. There is no pressure to complete a certain number of lessons. If you have additional questions we suggest you speak with a Team Member.