Awesome Party for up to 16 Kids
Bring own Food and Drinks
We'll Do the Rest

Friday, Weekends, Holidays
$250 Weekdays, Non-Holidays

For Kids 5 and Under
Make it a Super Duper Party
With Activities and Music

Before the party

  • Pick Someplace New!
  • Pick Someplace Exciting!
  • Digital Invitation
  • Gift Registry

At the

  • Hours of OPEN-PLAY
  • 2 Hours at Party Table
  • Use of Wagon to Collect Gifts
  • Colored Paper Goods
  • Shared Party Host
  • Celebration Gift
  • Celebration Announcement
  • Set Up/Clean Up Assistance

After the Party

  • Tired and Thankful Kids
  • Digital Photo
  • Wonderful Memories
  • Coupon for Free Visit

Buy Birthday Gifts Now

*Order and Pay Now,Get it Giftwrapped, and Include a Card Waiting for You at the Party

In Case You Are W o n d e ring

How early can I reserve a birthday party?

Kids Wonder takes reservations up to 3 months in advance.

What is the reservation process?

Submit a reservation request including your contact information, date and time requests above and within 48 hours a Party Coordinator will contact you to confirm.
50% Deposit Due at Reservation, applied to account. Please enter DepositOnly as the coupon code at checkout to only pay a deposit.

Are the parties private?

Kids Wonder is open 7 days a week for open play. Booking a party allows for entrance of up to 16 kids (adults and new infants always free) and a 18' table for 2 hours. The tables are in a special party area. Guests may come early or stay late to play. For kids 4 and under you can purchase a Super Duper Party which includes guided activities and music for an additional $100.

How many children can attend the party?

Up to 16 kids can attend, including the guest of honor. Party guests must sign a waiver and an adult must provide supervision and care.

Are smaller parties available?

Smaller parties may be available, 10 days prior to the date. Please call for more information.

What age of children may come to the party?

Kids Wonder was developed for kids 0-8. To protect the safety of our Lils’, older children, teenagers, and adults are discouraged from playing on the inflatables.

Are bigger or private parties available?

Yes, for a bigger party you can either reserve a second party time slot, additional tables, or consider holding an "after hour" party after 5pm (M, T, W, Sa, Su) or at 10am Sunday. Call for more information.

What is the Super Duper Party?

Like our Lil'Players class it is an activity class for up to 16 kids under 4. It includes singing, musical instruments, physcial activities with adult interaction, a colorful parachute and of course BUBBLES!

Do adults attending the party need special arrangements?

Adults without children will need to know the name of the celebrating kid or the name of the event for admittance.
Adults without children are encouraged to stay with their party.

What is provided by Kids Wonder for a celebration?

Disposable table cloths for three 6’ picnic tables.
Colorful napkin and small plate provided for each child.
Shared party host.
Party set up and cleaning assistance.
Use of wagon for present removal.
Assistance with a group photo.
Additional paper goods available for a small fee.

Can I have food brought in for the party?

Yes, you can arrange to have food delivered.
Any delay in food delivery does not alter your reserved table time.
We would be happy to arrange food delivery for you, please speak to your Party Coordinator prior to the event.

What can I bring in for the party?

You are invited to bring simple easy to serve and clean up snacks, foods and drinks.

What can I NOT bring for the party?

Knives for cutting are not allowed, we encourage cupcakes. If cutting is necessary our Team Members are prepared to assist.
Ice chests are not permitted. If items need to be cooled we recommend keeping them in the car in ice chests and when appropriate ask a Team Member for a wagon to retrieve them for the party.
Guests may not bring in alcoholic beverages or controlled substances.
No cooking of any kind will be permitted.

What can I expect from the Party Host?

Team Members working in the party area support multiple parties at a time.
They will provide a clean table and floor, set with disposable tablecloths, colorful napkins and small plates.
During the event they will assist with trash removal, cake cutting (if required), and assist with food service as time allows.
At the end of the party your host will present you with the final bill. Gratuity is not included but tips are greatly appreciated and will be shared among the on duty Team Members, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.

What happens at the end of the party?

Within 10 minutes before the end of the reserved table time, the Party Host will present the Host Family a final bill for payment.
Any tips are greatly appreciated and shared amongst all on duty staff, as each of them work hard to provide you with a wonderful experience.
At the end of the event, the Party Host will gather children for a photo opportunity.
The Party Host will encourage guests to leave the table area at the end of their reservation time slot. Kids Wonder appreciates your support in this, so we can prepare for the next party.
Please ask a Team Member for a wagon to help transport presents to your car.

Can Kids Wonder provide goodie bags?

Yes, goodie bags are available but must be prearranged! Many guests select from our smaller items in the gift shop and some designate a dollar amount gift card and allow the children to purchase food or gifts to their liking. Please discuss with your Party Coordinator

Can I bring in balloons or other decorations?

Due to concerns related to latex allergies, latex balloons are not allowed. If you would like to bring mylar balloons they must be attached to the table or kept behind the desk and are not allowed in the play area.
Kids Wonder is very festively decorated. If you desire additional decorations please speak to your Party Coordinator prior to the event.

Can we sing?

Families are welcome to sing wishes of birthday joy, but for legal sake can not be lead by Team Members.

Do you have a Gift Registry?

We do! Celebrating kids can pre-register for gifts using the wishlist function in our online store! Then send party invitations directly from their wishlist so guests can pre-purchase gifts and have them gift wrapped and waiting for them at the center- brillant! Start creating a wishlist by simply selecting "Add to wishlist" from one of the items in our online store. Click the heart in the upper right corner of our Web page to manage your wishlist and send digital invitations.