Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga

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Join us for a prenatal/postnatal yoga class (wiggling and crawling Lils are encouraged to join!) Pregnant, postpartum, and new moms will discover empowering poses to support them during labor, find relief from rounded and sore shoulders that often come with the joy of snuggling their newborn, and alleviate stiffness in the back that can accompany the unique posture of being a new mom.

Classes are for all levels, no experience necessary. Classes are thoughtfully designed to create a warm and welcoming space for moms to come with their Lils, ensuring that Lils are an integral part of the experience. We incorporate yoga postures in ways that keep the Lils entertained, and in some instances, we joyfully incorporate holding your Lil into the yoga practice itself. We aim to provide a safe environment for new moms to heal, nurture, and reconnect with their bodies while connecting with others on a similar journey.

Classes are only $22 per session.  Login and select a session date and time below to book a class.

Please check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared for yoga and exercise during your pregnancy and after birth.

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